SHOP UPDATE | Moroccan Agave Cactus Silk Pillows

April 11, 2017

We are back from Morocco and India and can’t wait to share some of our newest goodies for the shop! The first in the lineup is a collection of beautiful kilim pillows made from agave cactus silk rugs in Morocco. Each is completely unique and incredibly soft. Check them out in the shop now!

Moroccan Agave Cactus Silk Pillows



Peruvian Textiles | Frazadas

December 14, 2016
Vintage Peruvian Frazadas

I apologize that it’s been a bit silent over here for the past while! It’s difficult enough to keep a blog updated when you have consistent wifi, but when that begins to become less reliable, it is much too easy to fall out of the habit. We did however finish our 9 month trip through India and continued onward to Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Indonesia (updates on those places will hopefully come soon). Since then however, we turned our gaze south and headed to Peru to play with some alpacas and eat too many churros. Oh and get some beautiful textiles as well too :)

Vintage Peruvian TextilesVintage Peruvian Frazadas | Worldwide TextilesVintage Peruvian Frazada | Worldwide TextilesFrazadas are hand-loomed pieces made in the Andes region in Peru and Bolivia. They are made with natural fibers from alpacas and sheep and then dyed with natural products found in the region. They are generally made by looming two separate pieces and then sewing them together to make a one of a kind piece used as either a blanket or rug. All of our pieces come from the Sacred Valley in Peru, just outside of Cusco, particularly the Chinchero Sunday Market (that place deserves a post of its own!). Many of the frazadas are also cut into pillows. We’ve currently got our first batch available in the store, so if you’re interested in checking out the beautiful handicrafts of the region, click on over there.

Vintage Peruvian Frazada | Worldwide Textiles Vintage Peruvian Frazadas | Worldwide Textiles Vintage Peruvian Frazada | Worldwide Textiles